Most advanced mobile scratch card platform

  • simple to use anywhere
  • best scratching experience
  • certified & patented technology
  • full monitoring & data analysis system
  • flexible billing possibilities


SCARD provides best mobile scratch card lottery solution for any lottery organization. SCARD high quality mobile scratch card technology that is tested, certified and perfectly balanced for smartphone generation.
So simple and fun to use being a playful and rewarding digital scratch lottery game – used by licensed lotteries and non-profits or even one-time lottery organizers. Your own lottery can be set and launched in a matter of minutes using SCARD Lottery platform – with a few selections and parameters your lottery is up and running.

The most enjoyable instant reward mobile platform

  • all offers in your pocket
  • instant & engaging rewards
  • personal offers
  • simple & cost efficient distribution
  • payment & e-commerce integration


SCARD Loyalty is a mobile customer engagement technology. So simple and fun to use. It is a playful and rewarding scratch game ecosystem. Your customer earns a digital coupon, scratches it and is instantly rewarded. It is designed to encourage devotion through truly engaging actions that foster positive emotions, and in doing so build loyalty to your brand or / and product.
Rewards are digital coupons for better prices, discounts, special offers and/or gifts that make a customer feel valued and truly rewarded. Instant rewards ensure that customers feel valued and incentivised to continue the engagement cycle with your company.

Most convenient mobile fundraising platform

  • simple & cost efficient fundraising technology
  • instant feedback & statistics
  • certified & safe
  • social sharing tools
  • best scratching experience


SCARD Charity is the most convenient way to donate. Truly the most accessible mobile charity fundraising platform. Simple, fun and easy to use donation & financial reward combined into one single mobile solution. Just get the app, scratch digital ticket and donate to your selected charity. Users of the app are motivated to give to charity as they engage in truly engaging mobile lottery games. As a form of simple giving, users are rewarded, which makes it more likely to draw donations from those who may not have otherwise.

The lion’s share of the money spent goes directly to where it should go – straight to the good cause. Remaining is used for marketing and operating platform & app – at a price that is a fraction of traditional management costs. Integration with micropayments ensures it to be most cost-effective funding option.


State-of-the-art algorithm

Infinite scalability

Extreme performance

Certified security

Behind the scene SCARD is a single core technology for loyalty, lottery and charity. SCARD software is certified and tested to meet security & performance requirements and is designed for infinite scalability possibilities. Random generators are based on the state-of-the-art algorithms developed by leading scientists at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Centre of Real Time Computer Systems.

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